jdk 1.6 update 2 build is failing

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 14 22:46:52 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote:

> Well, the Xorg Libs page still says to create the /usr/include/X11
> and /usr/lib/X11 links, so I did/do. Should we? Not sure, but I
> can say I have the two links I mentioned, and I built JDK 1.6 without
> any issues.

Yes they should, for the same reason we now have the /usr/X11R6 link.
Programs that have very slowly evolved over the years.  The bin symlink
is not in the book, and I'm not sure why.  IIRC, all three of these were
in the combined configuration section, but I think that got juggled
around when the library installations choked early on in xorg-7.0's
introduction to the book.  I must have dropped the ball on that one, but
FWIW, I've never seen anything that needed /usr/bin/X11.

-- DJ Lucas

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