A call for help

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 14 20:17:02 PDT 2007

Hello Everyone:

The LFS LiveCD project is currently attempting to produce four CDs. A 
minimalistic CD and a full Xorg+XFCE CD each for both x86 and x86_64. 
There are two of us working on this project officially. It becomes quite 
a bit of work to try to keep up with the development of LFS and continue 
to produce CDs that are both stable and usable on a wide range of CDs. 
We need help from experienced LFSers. Even help from those not as 
experienced would be greatly appreciated in the form of testers and 
reporters. We could use:

  * Developers to experiment with and present new concepts for the CDs
  * Maintainers to help build the CDs, correct flaws in the build 
scripts, update (and test) existing software included on the CDs
  * Testers to download the isos, run as much of the software on as wide 
a range of machines as they can, and report. Yes, please report both 
successes and failures
  * Editors to help write and maintain documentation for various aspects 
of the CDs

If you could help with any of those aspects, we'd love to hear from you 
on the livecd mailing list. If you're not currently a developer on any 
of the xLFS projects, we'd like to encourage you to submit reports, 
patches, and text for a bit on the list. After some time and we see that 
you're serious and very helpful we'll give you an account.

Thanks in advance.

Note that I intend to put a more public-type version of this on the 
LiveCD section of the site.


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