Akode and FFmpeg

M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Tue Aug 14 16:01:16 PDT 2007

El Miércoles, 15 de Agosto de 2007 00:43, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> Well, it looks like it's trying to get the linker to not barf on
> undefined symbols with -Wl,--allow-shlib-undefined, but maybe I don't
> understand that option correctly. Anyway, in my ffmpeg from 20070128,
> libavformat has av_seek_frame, and it looks like ffmpeg_decoder.o is
> getting linked with -lavformat. Maybe you can check on yours.

> $ nm /usr/lib/libavformat.so | grep av_seek_frame
nm: /usr/lib/libavformat.so: no symbols 


I have build a lot of packages, but until now I have not tested they except X 
and the Nvidia module. Waiting to finish KDE build to start finding what is 
broken ...

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