Akode and FFmpeg

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Aug 14 15:18:05 PDT 2007

M.Canales.es wrote these words on 08/14/07 16:08 CST:

> Trying to build KDE I noticed that akode-2.0.1 in not available upstream, 
> current version is akode-2.0.2. And there is no akode-2.0.1 packages on 
> anduin nor other mirrors. 
> Thus we need to update akode to 2.0.2 

I agree.

> (there is also KDE-3.5.7 availble but no 
> open ticket yet)

I thought about this today as well. And if Bruce doesn't have the time
to update, I've already installed and logged about 1/3 of the KDE
packages, so it wouldn't be hard to update. I'd like get it done one
way or the other before we release BLFS-6.3.

> or change the dowload link for 2.0.1 version to one of the 
> URLs that can be found via http://www.filewatcher.com/

We'll just ensure we update Akode at the same time as KDE.

> Akode includes an experimental 
Then why are you writing in about it. :-)

> FFmpeg codec support that in akode-2.0.1 is not 
> enabled by default, but in akode-2.0.2 it is enabled if FFmpeg is found, but 
> it fail to build against the current FFmpeg version in BLFS with:
> To can build akode-2.0.2 having FFmpeg installed I need to pass 
> "--without-ffmpeg" to ./configure.

Yeah, doesn't surprise me. I haven't built the KDE multimedia or akode
yet in my current build. But I have all the dependencies installed, so
it would be a snap. On my last build of Akode, I notice that the FFmpeg
switch was not on by default (was experimental then too) and I did not
include it in my build script.

Which tells me that it probably didn't work then either (and I could
have had the old pre0.4.9 version), so I'm not sure what is up.

FFmpeg is so particular as their API changes. Packages are constantly
trying to update their required version numbers (of SVN FFmpeg) to keep
up. It is a losing battle. Note Dan's recent comment about a GStream
dev that said they just don't offer external FFmpeg any longer. They
build statically from sources in the tree (I hope that's what Dan meant).

There perhaps is a patch out there that would work for the current
FFmpeg and Akode. If not, we need to get Acode from SVN about the time
of FFmpeg (20070606) and see what happens.

We'll figure it out, but I knew going in there would be trouble. I
know that the current Kb3 works on the current BLFS version of FFmpeg.
I know that Xine Libs does not (Xine wants you to use internal static
version anyway).

It's hit and miss. The only reason I went ahead with the FFmpeg update
is because it works with current MPlayer, and Kb3, and from my glance
through the XML, it looked like only Transcode, Alsa-plugins, Xine and
Akode also used FFmpeg. I didn't feel there was a way to satisfy all
of them anyway, even if we stayed at that old version.

Anyway, I hope this made sense, and you see what we have in front of
us. Manuel, thanks for the reminder about the KDE update.


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