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El Lunes, 13 de Agosto de 2007 00:34, Randy McMurchy escribió:

> Would you recommend that we split this up a bit?

Don't should be needed. What is needed is to create a sub-routine to parse 
Dbus-Bindings and Python-Modules on a different way, like was done for Xorg7. 
I will try to have it done before BLFS-6.3 release.

Perl-Modules is not an issue due that almost all its dependencies are also 
Perl modules.

> I"m wide open to suggestions or ideas that can help. Though (as I've
> heard Manuel mention before) I'm not certain we'll ever be able to
> fully automate BLFS due to the myriad of possibilities each package
> may have, if there are things that can help, please let us know.

Yes, full automatization is impossible, not only due peculiarities on some 
BLFS pages, but also due that in a lot of packages the build commands need be 
adjusted based on what dependencies are installed and/or should be used.

Plus,  we should try to keep the XML structure the most simple possible to not 
do more hard the editor's work, IMHO. 

The current XML structure was not designed thinking on automate builds. That 
requires rigid XML trees with several hocks to can diferentiate each commad 
type (pre-configuration, patches, seds, configure, binaries build, 
documentation build, testsuites, binaries install, documentation install,  
post-configuration, etc...) and a more fine-grained optional dependencies (to 
add extra features, to allow testsuites run, to build documentation, etc...).

A lot of changes and more work for the editors, but at the end the users will 
need yet to read carefully the book, to decide what internal and external 
dependencies he want, to review the scripts, and to decide what need be 
changed to build the package as he want. 

No, thanks. I someone want a full-automated from sources build, he can use 
Gentoo and like.  

Nevertheless, small not-intrusive changes like the ones propossed by Dan for 
LFS can be evaluated, if all you think that could be beneficial for both the 
editors, the book users, and jhalfs users.

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