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> Luca wrote:
>> Some days ago I sent a mail to Alexander his opinion about the 
>> Package
>> Management (in Lfs book).
> Randy, Luca quotes his own message incorrectly. The words "in LFS 
> book"
> were not in the mail I received. If they were there, my reply would be
> very different.
> -- 
> Alexander E. Patrakov

Really I truncated only the first part of the message which was direct 
to Alex only (it was only a note referred to a past issue) :)

Yeah, the only different thing is simply that I didn't past here that 
probably a similar thing is against LFS book philosophy.

To Alex:
I know what I wrote you (but no-reply received) and don't tell about 
strange comparisons between mails.

In "LFS Book" (which was written in the mail sent to you too) means 
Chapter 6. - 6.3 Package Management.
So the idea was to propose and/or create if all of you like it a 
"Default LFS package manager" using the idea described otherwise I'll 
continue to use it for my own projects.

The idea was a general one, so asked Alex about his own thinkings about 
it, then reading the Gnome-Python I thought about sharing to all of you.

Indeed as you can see there is no incorrect pasting, just there was no 
ref to what I meant with in Lfs book, hope this clear what I mean (and I 
think it was preatty obvious).

Anyway here pasted the content of original mail directed to Alex:

About the Package Management system (in Lfs book) what do you think
about a xml based solution like:

<package="{name}" -> this was a *typo* (I caught it after the mail has 
been sent)
<version="{version}" />
<replace="{package}-{old-version}" />
<reqdep0="{package}-{version}" />
<reqdep1=[...] />
<optdep0="{package}-{version}" />
<optdep1=[...] />

A DOM recursive parse should solve everything, from deps to build order;
I know it's more of a scripting like management rather than typing
instructions (so "against" lfs book philosophy) but, well, I would like
to know your opinion or thoughts about it.

Well, out of curiosity, what are the differences between the mail 
directed to list and the one to Alex about the subject?


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