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> Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 08/12/07 17:34 CST:
> Here's a thought. Could we insert some XML before and/or after each 
> module
> (applicable for Perl Modules and the D-Bus bindings also) to identify
> where (and what dependencies belong to) each module is?
> This way you could look for the begin-module mark and then the
> end-of-module mark and stop processing the page at that point.
> That way you would only get dependencies for the module you
> were actually trying to install.
> -- 
> Randy

Hello Randy.

Some days ago I sent a mail to Alexander his opinion about the Package 
Management (in Lfs book).

An idea could be using a XML-based solutions like (only as example):


A DOM recursive parse should solve everything, from deps to build order 
(using appropriate checks) and it's extensible to whatever package but, 
sorry for that, the deps should be known first and there's the circular 
dependencies issue still :( - I'll try to find a solution for these.
I know it's more of a scripting like management rather than typing
instructions but, well, it's just an idea I would like to share :)


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