Randy McMurchy randy at
Sun Aug 12 15:52:04 PDT 2007

Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 08/12/07 17:34 CST:

> Perhaps move gnome-python to its own page and gnome-python-desktop to
> its own page, and leave the rest of the modules on the existing page.
> I"m wide open to suggestions or ideas that can help.

Here's a thought. Could we insert some XML before and/or after each module
(applicable for Perl Modules and the D-Bus bindings also) to identify
where (and what dependencies belong to) each module is?

This way you could look for the begin-module mark and then the
end-of-module mark and stop processing the page at that point.
That way you would only get dependencies for the module you
were actually trying to install.


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