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Sun Aug 12 15:34:50 PDT 2007 wrote these words on 08/12/07 16:50 CST:

> But due that all modules are in the same page, blfs-tool generates the full 
> tree incuded when the user only need PyXML or Pycairo. Fun, fun...

Would you recommend that we split this up a bit?

Perhaps move gnome-python to its own page and gnome-python-desktop to
its own page, and leave the rest of the modules on the existing page.

I"m wide open to suggestions or ideas that can help. Though (as I've
heard Manuel mention before) I'm not certain we'll ever be able to
fully automate BLFS due to the myriad of possibilities each package
may have, if there are things that can help, please let us know.


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