X11R6 compatibility symlink

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 11 19:05:30 PDT 2007

Ken Moffat wrote these words on 08/11/07 19:43 CST:
> But one quibble - unless blfs has got rid
> of XFree86 (and I wouldn't argue with that), doesn't the choice of
> where to install also apply to XFree86 (e.g. the book currently has
> #define ProjectRoot /usr).

This is what I see in the XFree config file (note that all of this
is in 'C' syntax, which means the following is commented out and
will fall back to the default of /usr/X11R6, or at least I think so)

 * The default is to install into /usr/X11R6. If you would like to install
 * into /usr, uncomment these options.
#define ProjectRoot         /usr
#define LinkGLToUsrLib      NO
#define LinkGLToUsrInclude  NO


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