X11R6 compatibility symlink

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 11 16:49:34 PDT 2007

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 08/11/07 15:31 CST:

> Just do it, and keep the explanation simple and not discuss the
> 'necessary evil'.  Explain that it's an optional stopgap until upstream
> (the whole world?) gets their stuff together.

Here's the first cut, community review would be appreciated
(snipped from the the commit log):

This is now on the X Windows components page:

+    <para>Until recently (relatively speaking) almost every
+    <application>X Window</application> installation you performed or came
+    across was installed in the
+    <filename class='directory'>/usr/X11R6</filename> directory. That was the
+    standard for years. Developers picked up on this and wrote their package
+    installation scripts looking for <application>X</application> in the
+    standard location. Things have changed and the trend is to now install
+    <application>X</application> in
+    <filename class='directory'>/usr</filename>. Some people want to install
+    it in a custom location.</para>
+    <para>Many package developers have not caught up to the change and their
+    packages are still trying to find <application>X</application> in
+    <filename class='directory'>/usr/X11R6</filename> and subsequently fail
+    when you try to build the package. Though for most packages it is not
+    difficult to 'hack' the installation script to fix the problem, that is not
+    the long term solution to the problem. Upstream developers need to modernize
+    their installation scripts and eliminate the problem altogether.</para>
+    <para>Until then, you can create a symbolic link to satisfy the
+    <filename class='directory'>/usr/X11R6</filename> requirement so that you
+    won't be inconvenienced with a package build failure due to this known
+    issue. If you wish to create the symlink, issue the following command as
+    the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user (ensure you modify
+    <replaceable><$XORG_PREFIX></replaceable> appropriately):</para>

And this is the 'blanket' file that goes on broken packages pages:

+    <para>This package (unfortunately) expects the <application>X
+    Window</application> system to be installed in the
+    <filename class='directory'>/usr/X11R6</filename> directory. If you're
+    using a recent version of <application>Xorg</application> and it is
+    installed in any other location, ensure you have
+    followed the instructions in the <xref linkend="X11R6-compat-symlink"/>
+    section.</para>


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