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Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
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>From LFS-Dev: (It's probably approaching the time that this discussion
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Dan Nicholson wrote:
> Excellent. How do you feel about working on some patches for the BLFS
> book so that we can actually build the userspace components for these
> things? I have no experience in the device-mapper area.

Neither did I until a few weeks ago, when I started testing this
stuff...  ;-)  I should also note that the boot scripts are useless the
way they are, unless you have an initramfs.  The initramfs should
probably be added to BLFS also (preferably with a pointer to it in LFS
chapter 8, with an "if you need this" prefix, but I'm getting way ahead
of myself here).

Anyway: I can generate some patches, sure; I'll just have to look up the
various package build scripts to see how I set them up, and then get
going.  I'm guessing it'd be good to avoid applying them until the 6.3
stuff is out, right?  If so, then no huge hurry.

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