[BLFS Trac] #2019: MPlayer-1.0rc1 (updated but still issues?)

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat Aug 11 09:26:58 PDT 2007

BLFS Trac wrote:
>  Updated BLFS to MPlayer-1.0rc1
>  I have not noticed any issues with DVD decoding. Seems okay to me.
>  As far as libdvdread and mpdvdkit goes, libdvdread is used as the
>  primary if it is found (libdv installed also), and mpdvdkit is the
>  fallback. I did not disable RTC.
>  As far as "X Window prefix notes", I didn't see any. Was I supposed
>  to add some?
>  I'll keep the ticket open for a few days to see if DJ will comment.

I think it was OK last time I built it.  There was a paragraph about
non-standard X Prefix some time ago...or at least I thought there was. 
The build used to die on can't find Xlib.h IIRC.  Do you have /usr/X11
or /opt/X11 and _no_ /usr/X11R6 symlink?  If so, then I suppose it's not
needed now. 

-- DJ Lucas

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