Python test suit /tmp removal

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Aug 9 02:42:09 PDT 2007

dragosi at wrote these words on 08/08/07 23:50 CST:

> I've noticed that the Python test suite removes the /tmp directory when
> "make test" is run as root.

It seems someone else mentioned this a while back. I can't
remember what we decided to do.

> Running the tests as an unprivileged user circumvents this.

One should *never* run a package test suite as the root user.
In fact, one should *never* run any command as the root user
if he is not 100% confident what the result will be.

> Maybe it would be good to put a warning in the book? 

Why? We already say to build and test the packages as an unprivileged
user and only become 'root' for the installation tasks (which are
individually identified). I look at it like this:

We already say "don't do that". Should we place a warning in the
book to say "We really mean it, don't do that!"?



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