Python test suit /tmp removal

dragosi at dragosi at
Wed Aug 8 21:50:39 PDT 2007


I've noticed that the Python test suite removes the /tmp directory when
"make test" is run as root.
I've tried this a few times, and every time, if the test suite is run as root,
some test cases (for example, test_os) will fail, complaining that it can't
access /tmp.
I haven't yet spent the time to see which test case does this, but I've definitely
observed this behaviour. There's actually 3 test cases that seem to remove
/tmp if the tests are run as root.

Running the tests as an unprivileged user circumvents this.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Maybe it would be good to put a warning in the book? As far as I've checked,
the test cases don't remove any other directories or files.
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