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Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 08/08/07 13:01 CST:
> On 8/8/07, randy at <randy at> wrote:
>> Log:
>> Modified the Gnome-Python dependency list entity (use this until Gnome-Python is put in the book)
> What's the plan for gnome-python?

To put it in the book.

> I think pygtk should definitely be
> in the book.

I think we should turn the PyXML page into a 'Python modules' page
similar to the 'Perl Modules' page. Almost every Python module
is " install" or CMMI. A blanket page for all modules should
be really easy.

> For gnome-python and gnome-python-desktop, I think it
> will be a good idea if we attempt to enumerate them by module so that
> people can attempt to avoid some extreme dependency hell.
> gnome-python:
> Required: pygtk and libgnome
> Required (for gnome.ui module): pyorbit and libgnomeui
> Required (for gnome.canvas module): libgnomecanvas
> Required (for gnomevfs module): gnome-vfs

Yeah, this looks good. We do this on many pages, so it isn't anything
out of the ordinary.

> Then, for GNOME Applets, for instance (not necessarily true):
> <xref linkend="gnome-python"/> (gnomevfs module), <xref
> linkend="gnome-python-desktop/> (gnomeprint module)
> What do you think?

Looks good to me. I just wish it was already done, though. I'm tired
of messing with GNOME.

KDE is so much better (it is also much easier).


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