New LiveCD for testing: r2014

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at
Tue Aug 7 02:46:12 PDT 2007


I have put 4 new CD images for testing on

The x86 versions, as before, contain both 32-bit (linux) and 64-bit 
(linux64) kernels and 32-bit userspace. The x86_64 version contains 
64-bit kernel and 64-bit userspace, and should be used with CLFS or this 

Since LFS is close to its 6.3 release, these CD versions should give you 
a close approximation of what will become the 6.3 LiveCD release, if 
any. I say "if any" because of bugs and untested updates that I don't 
want to go into a "stable" release. The worst possibly-existing 
non-documentation bug is, but if you have 
information about other bugs, please share it too.

Owners of motherboards with Intel IDE and/or SATA controllers can help 
by downloading and testing the CD, and answering the following questions:

1) How (i.e., with IDE or SATA) are your CD-ROMs and hard disks connected?
2) Does your motherboard use Intel or third-party (e.g., Marvel) chipset 
for the CD-ROM and hard disk connection? Please provide the output of 
"lspci" if in doubt. If there is something like "Native/AHCI" chioce in 
the BIOS, please test both options.
3) Does the LFS LiveCD detect the CD drive and the hard disk without 
special boot arguments? What are the device nodes created for them? What 
are the device nodes created for them in other distributions and/or your 
self-compiled kernels (please name the distribution and its version)?
4) Do "IDE port busy" or "failed to request/iomap BARs" errors like 
those in appear in the "dmesg" 
command output? Does "hdparm -tT" display reasonable speed for your hard 
5) Does the CD boot if you type "linux pata" at the boot loader screen 
instead of just pressing Enter? Any errors in dmesg? What are the device 

If at least one of "Intel IDE only", "mixed Intel IDE/SATA", "Intel SATA 
plus third party IDE" and "Intel SATA only" case doesn't get covered by 
your replies, there will be no LFS-6.3 LiveCD.

To get this task easier for you, here are my answers:

1) Both the CD-ROM and the hard disk are connected to SATA ports.
2) SATA controller is by Intel (both "Legacy", "Native" and "AHCI" 
options work fine), IDE is by Marvel (but there is nothing connected to 
the IDE port, so can't test).
3) Yes, /dev/sda is the hard drive, /dev/scd0 is the CD-ROM in both 
cases, the hard disk speed is around 80 MB/s, the same applies to Debian 
4) No such messages, probably because they are supposed to appear only 
in the "mixed Intel IDE/SATA" case.
5) Yes, it works exactly the same as without the "pata" option.

Another task for testers: open, and test 
each package if you can. Send reports what works (even if you don't find 
any bugs - simply for me to see what users test and what they don't) and 
what doesn't. Untested packages are likely to be removed in the future.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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