tcl test suite

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Aug 6 11:34:53 PDT 2007

dragosi at wrote these words on 08/06/07 03:59 CST:
> The tcl section mentions that the test suit should be run by issuing
> make test.
> However, I've found that with that, the clock test will always fail.

I wonder what is causing that? I can not reproduce the failure, and
the test completes without issue every time.

> The LFS
> book issues TZ=UTC make test instead and that takes care of the test
> failure.
> Any particular reason why this is different?

No idea. I didn't know the Tcl test had the prefacing stuff. I don't
run test suites in Chapter 5, so I wouldn't have ever read that and
I don't experience the test failure when building in BLFS.

It probably should be that the LFS and BLFS instructions are the same


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