Two quick questions about *ftp and loging size.

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Aug 3 12:40:45 PDT 2007

Ag. D. Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 08/03/07 14:28 CST:

> Sorry I wasn't clear. I was asking about the tarball size. Should we
> count it also into the build size? 

No, we haven't been. However, there always seems to be some that think
we should and some that think we shouldn't. The logic behind not counting
the tarball size is this:

The disk space used number is how much disk space a reader is required
to have available to build the package after he has downloaded/acquired/whatever
the tarball. You see, if one reader already has the tarball in a repo
somewhere on disk and another reader does not and must download it, then
the space required could be significantly different (large packages)
if we counted the tarball.

By not counting the tarball, disk space used is consistent whether you
need to download the tarball or not.


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