Note! Caution! Warning!

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Aug 2 17:06:50 PDT 2007

Hi all,

Lately I've been noticing in the book that there is a huge amount of
Note Warning and Caution boxes on the various pages. Some of them for
rather trivial things.

I mention this because I'm starting to be distracted by them as I "read"
the book. To me, they break the flow of reading the text. I find it now
more comfortable to me to read text in a paragraph instead of in a
separated box.

I'm thinking that I've:

1. now been exposed to BLFS for too long to really pass effective
   judgment on what the average reader expects.

2. worried too much that the average reader would think it is "babyish",
   or "lowly" to have such trivial points displayed in a separated box
   instead of just in a following sentence of the previous thought (some
   of the notes would be converted to a stand-alone paragraph where
   the box currently is).

3. just plain come to dislike them because I feel they are too gaudy.

I know that #3 is an issue with me. Thoughts from others would really
be appreciated.

(note that I do think some of the boxes are needed due to the potential
harm a mistake could create, and/or time spent fixing if you goof)

I just think we're overdoing it a bit.


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