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Sending again, the first one appears to have gotten lost (or the
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Subject: Re: rxvt-unicode.
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 15:31:27 -0500
From: Randy McMurchy <randy at linuxfromscratch.org>
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Ag. D. Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 08/02/07 14:51 CST:

> Randy,
> I tried to correct some things, but I suck in English (I know my
> sentences make sense to me, but I am never sure if they do make sense for others
> too), so some input is needed here (thats why I posted my patch anyway),
> from all with better knowledge in English than me, that means pretty much
> everyone.

Don't worry about that Ag. I mean it. The content is what is important.
We can always go in and fix grammar/spelling/sentence structure mistakes
after you commit something.

> About capitalizing the Unicode. It's a convention I see it often, I can
> still change it if desired.

I don't know. That's why I mentioned it. Let's hope someone who knows
chimes in.

> +    <para><application>rxvt-unicode</application> is a clone of the terminal
> +    emulator <application>rxvt</application>, an X Window System terminal emulator
> +    wich includes support for XFT and Unicode.</para>


The following are just suggestions. Feel free to use them or not,
or change them to suit your taste.

> +    <para>The <application>rxvt-unicode</application> terminal emulator
> +    uses the resource class <classname>URxvt</classname> and the resource name
> +    <classname>urxvt</classname>. You can add X resource definitions to the user's
> +    <filename>~/.Xresources</filename> file, or you can add them to the system-wide
> +    <filename>$XORG_PREFIX/share/X11/app-defaults/URxvt</filename> file.

s/or you can add them to/or to/

> +    The following example provides a way, to load the <classname>matcher</classname>


> +    <application>Perl</application> extension (assuming <application>Perl</application>
> +    support wasn't disabled), so to be able by middle clicking the underline URL,
> +    to open it with the specified browser.

Might be smoother by:

Perl extension (assuming Perl support wasn't disabled) which enables a
middle button click to open an underlined URL in the specified browser.

 It also sets a backgroung and a foreground


> +    color and loads an Xft font. In order to do that, add the following definitions as
> +    the <systemitem class="username">root</systemitem> user:</para>

s/In order to do that, add/Accomplish this by adding/

> +    <para>The <application>rxvt-unicode</application> application, can also run in
> +    a daemon mode, which make possible to open multiple terminal windows within the
> +    same process. The <command>urxvtc</command> client connects then to
> +    <command>urxvtd</command> daemon and requests a new terminal window.</para>

Remove the first comma in the first sentence. Then:

s/which make/which makes it/

Additionally, you can probably remove the whole last sentence as
that information is implied in the previous sentence about the
daemon. Your call.

> +   <note>
> +    <para>Use that option with caution. If the daemon crashes, all the
> +    running processes in the terminal windows are terminated.</para>
> +   </note>

I am getting to where I use fewer and fewer of the note/warning/caution
boxes. They do draw attention, however, the readers shouldn't need a gaudy
box so that they will read something. Again, your call.

> +    <para>
> +    You can start the <command>urxvtd</command> daemon in your system or

How do you know the reader will be working on his own system? :-)


> +    personal startup <command>X</command> session scripts (eg.


> +    <filename>~/.xinitrc</filename>), by adding the following lines near the top of


> +    your script:</para>


BTW, ag, this is very good work!


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