Script for compiling Xorg

Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Aug 2 08:30:55 PDT 2007

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 08/02/07 08:58 CST:

> This is sort of a compromise area. The last time I worked on it, I
> almost added the shebang in. But, as Randy says, the BLFS intention is
> for you to be pasting the commands into a shell. Here, though, it
> actually says to write a script,

I cannot find the place where it says to "write a script". I actually
looked and reviewed the Xorg introduction page before I wrote my first
reply. I just now went and looked again and cannot see where it says
to "write a script". I only see where it says to "script the build".

I realize this is just semantics, and if you think it best to put a
shebang line, then fine by me. However, you'll need to rewrite the
text to indicate that we are no longer providing an example, but
instead providing a script the reader should create (using here-type
document style creation).

I sort of like it the way it is, as we say to script the build using
the following commands as *an example* of one way to do it. Seems if
we put a shebang line in, we would then be drifting towards "do it
this way", instead of just providing an example.

CC'ing -dev as we're now discussing book development. Please, Dan,
don't take my comments as gospel, but just my thoughts on the
subject. Actually, I can either way.


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