Subversion Upgrade

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Wed Nov 29 10:12:21 PST 2006

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up concerning the latest Subversion release, 1.4.2. A very
simple build/configuration built fine against current LFS svn.
Apparently there are some major improvements with this release:

    *  svnsync, a new repository mirroring tool
    * Huge working-copy performance improvements
    * Support for BerkeleyDB 4.4 and its "auto recovery" feature
    * Size improvements to the binary delta algorithm
    * A handful of new command switches
    * Many improved APIs
    * More than 40 new bugfixes

More on the BDB updates: "Subversion 1.4 can now be compiled against
BerkeleyDB 4.4, which has a new "auto-recovery" feature. If a Subversion
server process crashes and leaves the repository in an inconsistent
state, the next process which attempts to access the repository will
notice the problem, grab exclusive control of the repository, and
automatically recover it. In theory (and in our testing), this new
feature makes BerkeleyDB-based repositories just as wedge-proof as FSFS


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