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TheOldFellow theoldfellow at
Sat Nov 25 09:33:30 PST 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know I'm guilty as much as anyone for lack of contribution
> recently, though I *have* tried a couple of times to get
> something done, but Belgarath ended up being down, or I could
> not send mail, or whatever. I don't believe this Belgarath
> upgrade is going to happen, and the project is completely
> dying because of it.
> If there is someone with appropriate rights that can monitor
> Belgarath and restart services as they crash (and perhaps kill
> all the services that we *really* don't need), perhaps we could
> get some contribution going.
> If we can somehow get a server established that will provide
> a reliable working platform, is there anyone who is willing
> to help me get BLFS 6.2.0 (or whatever we name it) out the
> door?
> Though the Belgarath issue is the real bottleneck right now,
> and there may be no fix in sight, some suggestions as to how
> we go forward would be appreciated.

Once the new server is up. or perhaps even if it isn't :-) maybe the 
sysadmin should look at supervising the daemons.  I use runit, but this 
seems to be quite nice too:

Oh, yes, and Happy Thanksgiving.


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