BLFS Project

Randy McMurchy randy at
Mon Nov 20 08:09:25 PST 2006

Hi all,

I know I'm guilty as much as anyone for lack of contribution
recently, though I *have* tried a couple of times to get
something done, but Belgarath ended up being down, or I could
not send mail, or whatever. I don't believe this Belgarath
upgrade is going to happen, and the project is completely
dying because of it.

If there is someone with appropriate rights that can monitor
Belgarath and restart services as they crash (and perhaps kill
all the services that we *really* don't need), perhaps we could
get some contribution going.

If we can somehow get a server established that will provide
a reliable working platform, is there anyone who is willing
to help me get BLFS 6.2.0 (or whatever we name it) out the

Though the Belgarath issue is the real bottleneck right now,
and there may be no fix in sight, some suggestions as to how
we go forward would be appreciated.


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