Perl Modules: some notes

Bernard Leak thisisnotapipe at
Sat Nov 4 11:47:56 PST 2006

Dear List,

[Deprecate and depreciate]

Randy McMurchy wrote:
>My dictionary shows the two words to be synonyms.

Since you raised the point, I checked.  Mine doesn't.  Normally I'd use
the OED, but my copy is a long way away: I'm using the SOD as a
temporary substitute.  If your dictionary says something different, it's 
and wrong.  What IS your dictionary?

I don't see that there is a commanding consensus of usage in favour of
the words having become synonymous.  It's true that they are sometimes

>Perhaps Bernard
>may have been better off simply saying that the 'preferred' word
>would be 'deprecated', and leave it at that, rather than trying to
>play grammar police. :-)

Why should anyone care about my preferences?  I wrote what I
meant to write.  It's nasty threatening people like me, wielding actual
semicolons without protective clothing, who make the life of Humpty
Dumpty so fearfully hard.  We do it because we're like that.  It's only
semantics, as they say: what else would it be?

Enough (and more)!  I'll leave it at that.

                                                     Yours pedantically,

   Bernard Leak.

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