Perl Modules: some notes

Randy McMurchy randy at
Sat Nov 4 08:11:45 PST 2006

Bernard Leak wrote these words on 11/03/06 15:12 CST:

> The notes on 'Finance-Quote' say that the non-OOPy interface is
> 'depreciated'.

Good catch.

> A remark on Business-ISBN-1.82 says that many of the tests require
>   LWP::Simple.  This is merely part of LWP, not a separate module
>   (this is perhaps worth making clearer).

What else can be said about it? Perhaps provide some examples of
how it should be done, so it can be fixed. Is the part about it
being circular not enough clarification?

> It's perhaps also worth pointing out that the modules listed include
> both Digest-SHA and Digest-SHA1, and that they are NOT the same!

These two modules are shown as dependencies for separate modules,
There really shouldn't be any confusion. What would you suggest
be said, so to avoid the confusion.


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