Perl Modules: some notes

Bernard Leak thisisnotapipe at
Fri Nov 3 18:37:11 PST 2006

Dear List,
                     Guy Dalziel wrote:
>Technically depreciate and deprecate mean the same thing, "To think or
>speak of as being of little worth; belittle.", although for the sake
>of consistency, deprecated would be the desired word.

No.  To 'depreciate' means that (it's related to 'price').
To 'deprecate' does NOT mean that (indeed, it doesn't even mean
anything LIKE that, except that there's a vague negative association
with 'de-' in both cases).  To deprecate (related to 'pray') is to
ask that something not be done.

I missed the following changes to the current version of some of
the modules (I'd updated them previously):

Pod-Escapes-1.0.4 NOW Pod-Escapes-1.04
ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.15 NOW 2.16
Archive-Zip-1.16 NOW 1.18
Devel-Symdump-2.05 NOW 2.0604
Finance-QuoteHist-1.07 NOW 1.09

The revised list of changes is now
Algorithm-Diff-1.1901 NOW 1.1902
Archive-Tar-1.29 NOW 1.30
Archive-Zip-1.16 USING 1.18
Compress-Zlib-1.41 NOW 2.001
I had some trouble downloading the source archive from the server,
but succeeded eventually.
There is no '' file in this new version to patch: the README
implies that it uses the system installed libz by default (since it
will gag on a sufficiently old version), so the original reason for
the 'sed' script seems to have vanished.
Devel-Symdump-2.05 USING 2.0604
Digest-SHA-5.41 NOW 5.44
ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.15 USING 2.16
Finance-Quote-1.11 NOW 1.12
Finance-QuoteHist-1.07 USING 1.09
HTML-Element-Extended-1.14 NOW 1.17
The original URL
is dead.  However, contains
   The 'readme' offers no suggestion that this is not a new stable release.
CPAN search has real trouble with this one!  Although it's the interesting
part of the name of the source archive, it's not the name of a module
as such, and isn't indexed, although the index *page* for the modules
*is* named after the archive.  I've sent a note to the e-mail address
for cpansearch queries asking what might be done about this.
HTML-Parser-3.54 NOW 3.55
HTML-Tree-3.1901 NOW 3.21
HTML::TableExtract-2.07 NOW 2.10
Module-Build-0.2801 NOW 0.2805
Module-CoreList-2.04 NOW 2.09
Module::Signature-0.54 NOW 0.55
Net-DNS-0.57 NOW 0.59
Net-IP-1.24 NOW 1.25
PAR-Dist-0.09 NOW 0.21 (busy chaps!)
Pod-Coverage-0.17 NOW 0.18
Pod-Escapes-1.0.4 NOW Pod-Escapes-1.04
CPAN search finds this as "SGMLS" (NOT as "SGMLSpm").
The original URL
is still valid: it doesn't seem to have been updated since 1995.
Test-Base-0.50 NOW 0.52
Confusing, this: it's listed in CPAN as merely a part of
Test-Simple (which apparently hasn't reached 1.01), not a
separate module.  Has it been assimilated into the new
version of Test-Simple (q.v.)?
Test::Pod-1.24 NOW 1.26
Test::Pod::Coverage-1.06 NOW 1.08
Test::Simple-0.62 NOW 0.64
version-0.63 NOW 0.68
YAML-0.58 NOW 0.62

                         Yours faithfully,
                                                              Bernard Leak

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