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Fri Nov 3 13:12:59 PST 2006

Dear List,
                     this is a note on the Perl Modules page (which has no 
Wiki link I can find).
Last updated on 2006-06-21 11:26:07 -0500

The notes on 'Finance-Quote' say that the non-OOPy interface is
'depreciated'.  I'd be prepared to offer a discount on it, but
I think that 'deprecated' was meant.

A remark on Business-ISBN-1.82 says that many of the tests require
  LWP::Simple.  This is merely part of LWP, not a separate module
  (this is perhaps worth making clearer).

It's perhaps also worth pointing out that the modules listed include
both Digest-SHA and Digest-SHA1, and that they are NOT the same!

The following comments mostly record changes in the latest stable
release.  Some are a bit more difficult than that, though.

Algorithm-Diff-1.1901 NOW 1.1902
Archive-Tar-1.29 NOW 1.30
Compress-Zlib-1.41 NOW 2.001
  I had some trouble downloading the source archive from the 
  but succeeded eventually.
  There is no '' file in this new version to patch: the README
  implies that it uses the system installed libz by default (since it
  will gag on a sufficiently old version), so the original reason for
  the 'sed' script seems to have vanished.
Digest-SHA-5.41 NOW 5.44
Finance-Quote-1.11 NOW 1.12
HTML-Element-Extended-1.14 NOW 1.17
  The original URL
  is dead.  However, contains
    The 'readme' offers no suggestion that this is not a new stable release.
  CPAN search has real trouble with this one!  Although it's the interesting
  part of the name of the source archive, it's not the name of a module
  as such, and isn't indexed, although the index *page* for the modules
  *is* named after the archive.  I've sent a note to the e-mail address
  for cpansearch queries asking what might be done about this.
HTML-Parser-3.54 NOW 3.55
HTML-Tree-3.1901 NOW 3.21
HTML::TableExtract-2.07 NOW 2.10
Module-Build-0.2801 NOW 0.2805
Module-CoreList-2.04 NOW 2.09
Module::Signature-0.54 NOW 0.55
Net-DNS-0.57 NOW 0.59
Net-IP-1.24 NOW 1.25
PAR-Dist-0.09 NOW 0.21 (busy chaps!)
Pod-Coverage-0.17 NOW 0.18
  CPAN search finds this as "SGMLS" (NOT as "SGMLSpm").
  The original URL
  is still valid: it doesn't seem to have been updated since 1995.
Test-Base-0.50 NOW 0.52
  Confusing, this: it's listed in CPAN as merely a part of
  Test-Simple (which apparently hasn't reached 1.01), not a
  separate module.  Has it been assimilated into the new
  version of Test-Simple (q.v.)?
Test::Pod-1.24 NOW 1.26
Test::Pod::Coverage-1.06 NOW 1.08
Test::Simple-0.62 NOW 0.64
version-0.63 NOW 0.68
YAML-0.58 NOW 0.62

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