cleanlinks (Imake).

Ag. Hatzimanikas a.hatzim at
Tue Dec 19 17:52:19 PST 2006

On Tue, Dec 19, at 07:38 Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Ag. Hatzimanikas wrote these words on 12/19/06 19:28 CST:
> >
> > My opinion is that it doesn't have to be in any system,so it has to be
> > removed.
> But then there would be many, many, many programs which are installed
> by various packages, but "doesn't have to be in any system". Should
> these all be removed as well? Please don't answer the question, as
> I was simply trying to make a point.

It doesn't have to be in any system because it's not a proper code and
it can be dangerous (partly).
And yes if there are some other packages that don't have a proper
functionality then by all that means remove them.
We have to choose sometimes.

If it was my book,it would be the half or even less of it's current size.
There are so many garbages in the recent days.
I keep a fully functional system which I am happy for it,a little bit over 
500 MB.

> Happy Holidays to you, Ag. :-)
A little bit early for wishes but what a hell...

You too Randy and to All of Yours of course. :)

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