Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 7 10:40:02 PST 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote these words on 12/07/06 12:06 CST:
> Possibly for future-proofing, the "max version number" should be
> increased? It would kind of stink to have to change the gsview page
> each time a new ESP ghostscript version was released. Or, we could
> change the sed to grab the version number from the gs header.

Excellent thought, Dan. On one of my machines, I have 8.15.1
of Ghostscript installed:

randy at rmlscsi: ~ > gs --version

We could do this (and then fix the GSView file with the result)
and probably get away with it:

randy at rmlscsi: ~ > gs --version | sed -e 's/\.//' -e 's/\./0/'


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