Randy McMurchy randy at
Thu Dec 7 05:03:30 PST 2006

Hi all,

There is a ticket in Trac for an issue with GSView-4.7.

The issue is valid. The new EPS Ghostscript internal versioning
scheme breaks GSView. I found that simply modifying src/gvcver.h
in the GSView sources fixes the issue. I simply substituted
81502 for 999 for the "max version number" and compiled, and all
worked fine.

Note I used the newest GSView (4.8). As I *must* use ESP Ghostscript
because CUPS is my print system, I cannot use AFPL Ghostscript (the
GSView package specifically says to use AFPL Ghostscript). Note
that I don't normally install GSView either, but want to address the
outstanding Trac ticket.

Does anyone else use GSView? Does the fix I'm proposing seem to be
the right thing to do, or should we just drop ESP Ghostscript as
a dependency and render GSView available only to folks who install
AFPL Ghostscript?

By the way, AFPL Ghostscript is changing to a GPL license and with
a new version (not realeased yet, but perhaps will), may break
GSView as well.

Thoughts from others?


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