Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Dec 3 08:17:16 PST 2006

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:
> Randy McMurchy wrote:
>> Perhaps it is time to move the production BLFS platform to Anduin.
>> At least then we'd have a reliable server that works.
> +1 at least temporarily.

In principle, I agree. However, I think that re-organization would be 
better done if we accounted for all projects, not just BLFS. We could 
look at a solution that would help everyone and that would ideally be 
temporary, but could continue permanently if necessary.

For example, if we moved all xLFS web services off of Belgarath to 
Anduin {ie, www and wiki} and the repositories, that should greatly take 
off much of the current strain on Belgarath, and it doesn't 
unnecessarily fragment the sub-projects any further.

I agree that it the LFS community has suffered for months waiting for 
the new server to arrive. I personally don't think Gerard means to 
delay, but it doesn't seem that he places much importance on it, either. 
Still, before taking any necessary administrative action such as the 
above, it seems only right to give Gerard fair warning especially if, as 
he says, the new server is nearly ready to be dropped in place.

Therefore, it seems appropriate to me to set a date, whereupon if the 
new server is not in place and functioning, we begin to migrate 
services. January 1st seems more than fair.

I'm CC'ing Gerard - perhaps it'll stand a better chance of getting read 
if it comes to him directly, and not through a list.


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