some nit-picky stuff

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at
Mon Aug 21 19:16:21 PDT 2006

Allard Welter wrote:
> Some things I came across blfs'ing ...


> ooo doesn't compile with --with-cairo flag (does anyone know if ooo can 
> utilise parallel compile?)

I only remember vaguely something was up with OOo and system installed
Cairo.   Actually, I think it required an older version.  I had thought
I'd submitted a note before my recent disappearance (with the DB note),
but obviously I did not.  I haven't had much time at all recently, for
LFS or otherwise, but hope to have some _me_ time very soon.

> jdk-1_5_0_08-linux-i586.bin works fine to compile jdk-src. 

Sweet.  I didn't get a release message.  I'll try to get to the update
this weekend, but if I run into problems, _I_ can't do it until after
the 1st, and that assuming that we have not entered package freeze by
that time.  Other editors are welcome to do it, but I don't think
anybody else really likes messing with either package (OOo and JDK).

> Need more than just the two TTF in /usr/share/font as these don't 
> include symbols. Try browsing maths page in wiki for instance.
> For the moment, regards,
> Allard.

Thanks for the feedback.

-- DJ Lucas

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