some nit-picky stuff

Allard Welter allard at
Mon Aug 21 06:50:43 PDT 2006

Some things I came across blfs'ing ...

fluxbox (fbsetbg) requires a viewer (optional dependency?). 'display' 
from imagemagick segfaults when called by fbsetbg. xv works fine but 
won't compile because sys_errlist is redefined in xv.h (just comment 
out. is used in some contributed code which is not compiled anyway)

fluxbox - wallpaper line in theme file doesn't work for me. In init file 
session.screen0.rootCommand: fbsetbg -f <file>
(gives more control, allows random selection etc.)

Latest xterm is 216. Nice prompt command for xterm (opinion):
PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033]2;${PWD}\007"'

ooo doesn't compile with --with-cairo flag (does anyone know if ooo can 
utilise parallel compile?)

jdk-1_5_0_08-linux-i586.bin works fine to compile jdk-src. sun site is 
still a navigational nightmare. This is the file that came up first and 
I didn't have the energy to look for 1_5_0_07.

Need more than just the two TTF in /usr/share/font as these don't 
include symbols. Try browsing maths page in wiki for instance.

For the moment, regards,

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