Dead Project? (I hope not)

Randy McMurchy randy at
Fri Aug 18 21:59:22 PDT 2006

Hi all,

Noted that there is some minor trivial updates to CLFS recently, the
occasional package updates to LFS, and updates to jalfs (which is only
as good as the [x]LFS books), there really is no development going
on at all any more within the LFS project.

Discussion (you know, where people interact and contribute different
thoughts and ideas) is almost nil on the lists and commits have come
to a slow crawl.

For example, there was a post asking about some garbage (my opinion,
that is all, and I'm entitled to it) about changing the HLFS to some
insect names and there wasn't even *one* post to say yea or nay about
the idea. Now there is butterflies (jeez, help me) describing the
HLFS project, without even one comment, good or bad. (I think this
butterfly, cocoon crap is just horrible [not the concept, but the
naming structure]).

This only means there is total apathy within the project, and nobody
really cares any more.

I am really concerned about the health of the entire overall project.
Recently there was a call for funds to replace the Belgarath server.
Funds were raised in a matter of days. For all practical purposes,
anyone who contributed money, wasted it. That call for funds (and the
raising of it) was *many* months ago. There has been no effort to even
explain where the donated money went (other than someone bought some
hardware, and has it, but won't commit the couple of hours it would
take to put it online).

The entire LFS project seems to be in the toilet. Am I the only one
that thinks this? Am I over reacting?

Is there anyone else concerned about the health of the project?


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