SSHD Bootscript Suggestion

Nathan Coulson conathan at
Mon Aug 14 21:49:34 PDT 2006

On 8/13/06, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at> wrote:
> Nathan Coulson wrote:
> > The SSHD tried outputting the -19 to the oom_adj file in /proc before
> > it started [My system is a P3 333 [underclocked],  recovering a raid5
> > partition].
> >
> > What about checking for the presence of the file each second, up to 5
> > seconds?
> Nathan,
>   I don't understand the issue.  I don't use raid, but /proc and /var
> should be mounted (S70mountfs as a part of rcsysinit.d) long before sshd
> (S30 as a part of rcx.d).
>   We use the command echo "-16" >/proc/`cat /var/run/`/oom_adj
>   Are you saying that there is something about raid5 that returns from
> mountfs before the real mount of /var really happens?
>   -- Bruce

All the systems are mounted fine [I lised the system stats just to
show that it may be running a little slower then a normal system,
especially since the raid5 stuff was using 30% of my processor at the

I believed the problem to be that the sshd daemon has not created the
/var/run/ file in time. [due to system speed].  putting a
sleep 3 [instead of sleep 1] fixed this problem for me.

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