Latest ORBit2 (or why the BLFS dependency scheme sucks)

Juerg Billeter j at
Sun Aug 6 23:48:50 PDT 2006

On Sam, 2006-08-05 at 08:30 +1000, Greg Schafer wrote:
> However.... the latest ORBit2 package demonstrates how fragile this system
> is. The latest ORBit2 (part of Gnome-2.14.3) no longer depends on popt.
> The popt dependency was actually removed some time ago but the configure
> check mistakenly remained. This has now been fixed.

List of packages that have been modified not to depend on popt anymore:
(only valid for CVS HEAD, i.e. GNOME 2.16)

BTW: ORBit2, libbonobo, and a few other libraries are slowly heading
towards deprecation, so it will be possible to install more and more
parts of GNOME without them (e.g. gedit, gnome-vfs, and nautilus have
been freed from direct dep on libbonobo recently), so it might not be
accurate anymore to use the ORBit-2.0 prefix in the future.

Juerg Billeter <j at>

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