[BLFS Trac] #1993: Locale Related Issues

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 11:58:20 PDT 2006

The current setup for descriptions of locale related issues in BLFS
packages is subpar. Alexander and I have had a conversation about
changing the way it works. I have a couple ideas about moving forward.
I would like to see this addressed before 6.2, whether it's my idea or
something else.

My thoughts, and Alexander's email to me can be found in this ticket:


To move this discussion over here, I've forwarded my proposal below.


On 8/5/06, BLFS Trac <trac at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
> #1993: Locale Related Issues
>  In my mind, the way these issues should be handled is like this:
>  1. Locale Related Issues page is changed to describe general problems like
>  the "class" Alexander has described above. Mention that specific packages
>  will have a warning that there are issues in certain locales.
>  2. Add warning/note boxes to the affected pages. I messed around with an
>  xinclude, but it might be too simple.
>  3. If the fix can be concisely described and worked around, add it onto
>  the page. Something that I consider concise to be the cdrtools patches or
>  the [wiki:LinksBrowser links] warning to use a different browser. More
>  involved work arounds, like for [wiki:Enscript] would live on the Wiki and
>  be pointed out in the warning box. This criteria probably needs a stronger
>  definition.
>  Basically, I want it to be easy for Alexander or whoever to ping the list
>  and say "Package A doesn't work because ... There's info on the Wiki."
>  Then any editor can add the warning/note box and decide whether to include
>  the fix on the page or leave it on the Wiki. Ideally, we should push to
>  get as many fixes into the book as possible before 6.2.
>  Comments, please.

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