Latest ORBit2 (or why the BLFS dependency scheme sucks)

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Fri Aug 4 15:30:24 PDT 2006


Don't get me wrong, I like the BLFS dependency strategy a lot, and in fact
I use a similar strategy here myself. Of course I'm referring to the way
in which only direct deps are listed ie: deps that are implicitly pulled
in are not listed. A classic example is popt. Lots of Gnome depends on
popt but it's not listed everywhere because ORBit2 directly depends on
popt and most of Gnome depends on ORBit2 (either directly or indirectly).

However.... the latest ORBit2 package demonstrates how fragile this system
is. The latest ORBit2 (part of Gnome-2.14.3) no longer depends on popt.
The popt dependency was actually removed some time ago but the configure
check mistakenly remained. This has now been fixed.

This has consequences for BLFS because ORBit2 is so deep in the platform
stack that all the Gnome deps will now have to be revisited :-(  It may
well be prudent to just ignore it for now then redo everything when
Gnome-2.16 comes along. But I wouldn't be surprised if Randy (having such
a fine attention to detail) is already on the case? :-) It's probably too
much work to change the BLFS dependency scheme to list all deps explicitly.


PS - I find the dependency info in BLFS usually very accurate.

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