Chapter 24. X Window System - visual changes

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at
Sun Apr 30 19:30:50 PDT 2006 wrote:
> El Domingo, 30 de Abril de 2006 21:27, DJ Lucas escribió:
>>As far as the blank pages, I hadn't noticed them earlier.  They appear
>>in the gnome section as well, but the rendered book only includes the
>>second and third as far as I can tell...that's odd.  Manuel mentioned
>>that the dummy files weren't there before, so what was the original hack
>>for this?  Inline in the chapter file?
> Well, I "think" that the dummy files weren't there before, but maybe I'm wrong 
> and nobody noticed they until now :-?

Okay.  Here is why they work as the first entry.  This may be obvious, 
but chapter pages somehow 'absorb' the first <xi...> into the existing 
page, so the trick is to absorb any role=dummy into the previous page, 
wether it's a chapter page or not.  I have absolutely no idea how to do 
anything with docbook if it's outside the normal BLFS editing, so this 
is probably _way_ over my head right now.  That's not to say that I 
won't look into it a little.  I mean what better a chance to learn than 
to just dig in and get your hands dirty, right?  :-)

-- DJ Lucas

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