Chapter 24. X Window System - visual changes

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at
Sun Apr 30 11:21:13 PDT 2006

Okay guys, I put up a local render before I go too far with dividing the 
xorg packages.  I used the method, devised by Randy and Manuel IIRC, for 
'Gnome Additional Packages' to section off the modular xorg7 pages 
without creating a new chapter.

Additionally, 'X Window System Components' is now required reading, 
because the post installation stuff has been moved to the top of that 
page, and combined for all three X versions.  I should still add a 
pointer on all three pages that this configuration is required.

Lastly, don't bother reading the xorg7 pages themselves.  Nothing has 
been done with them other than splitting up the existing information 
from the combined page.  There is still lots to do with those pages yet. 
  Let me know if you think the index and config changes are acceptable, 
or please provide a suggestion or two if you feel otherwise.


-- DJ Lucas

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