xdm, kdm, gdm

Randy McMurchy randy at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Apr 30 09:35:43 PDT 2006

DJ Lucas wrote these words on 04/30/06 09:57 CST:
> Currently for xdm, we run the service from inititab when
> entering runlevel 5.  For gdm, we provide a bootscript that runs as the
> last startup script in runlevel 5.  I don't think it's right that they
> differ,

Though a description of both would be nice, perhaps they are
different on purpose, so as to show there is more than one way
to do it. Educationally, it is probably better to show more
than just one way, however, I do agree with you that the
choices should be presented together.

> but suspect that using a starup script is a bad idea
> from a distro's POV because lots of unknown services install blindly to 
> S99whatever. I suggest we provide both a bootscript and the inittab
> change for all three packages, and let the user decide how they want it 
> done...of course, IMO, push the inittab version first!

Now, please understand the following is not to create an
opposite view, and argue which is better, it is mentioned
because it is something we should consider. KDE has this
in the .../share/doc/kdm/README file, which is not that
old according to the date on it. Anyway, it says this:

"Generally I'd advise _against_ starting KDM directly from
init - better use a proper init script, possibly by slightly
modifying the XDM init script shipped by your distribution."

If we recommend the inittab method, how do we explain our
deviation from what the maintainer says?


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