xdm, kdm, gdm

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at lfs.lucasit.com
Sun Apr 30 07:57:24 PDT 2006

We have two different methods for two packages that provide the similar
functionality.  Currently for xdm, we run the service from inititab when
entering runlevel 5.  For gdm, we provide a bootscript that runs as the
last startup script in runlevel 5.  I don't think it's right that they
differ, at least without providing both options, and kdm currently isn't
mentioned at all.  I'm unable to check any distro's right now to see how
they handle it, but suspect that using a starup script is a bad idea
from a distro's POV because lots of unknown services install blindly to 
S99whatever.  I suggest we provide both a bootscript and the inittab 
change for all three packages, and let the user decide how they want it 
done...of course, IMO, push the inittab version first!

-- DJ Lucas

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