Addressing cyrus-sasl ldapdb circular build

DJ Lucas blfs-dev at
Wed Apr 26 15:14:32 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:

> ./configure \
>         --sysconfdir=/etc/sasl \
>         --with-dbpath=/etc/sasl/sasldb2 \
>         --enable-ldapdb \
>         --with-ldap
> make -C include
> make -C sasldb
> make -C plugins
> libtool --mode=install install -c plugins/ /usr/lib/sasl2

IIRC, my instructions are much different, but they are also about 18 mos 
old now.  Time for me to build a new mailserver to get current.  But 
anyway, as Randy has already mentioned, this may be confusing for the 
average reader.  Maybe prepend the wiki instructions with something to 
the effect of "If you need these instructions, you already know you do, 
otherwise just ignore them and move on."  I would hope that a reader has 
done his homework already if they are building some complex ldap server 
setup or client auth mechanism.

-- DJ Lucas

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