Addressing cyrus-sasl ldapdb circular build

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Apr 25 22:26:41 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote these words on 04/26/06 00:19 CST:

> Why is that necessary? If you feel it important Alexander, please
> draft the text and submit it to this list.

Or, better yet, just update the Wiki page yourself.

If the case is that you think an explanation is necessary to warrant
the entry, and not that you're truly concerned with *why* it is there,
then I'm afraid you're not quite understanding what we have the Wiki

My understanding is that the Wiki is for anything anybody wants to
contribute, without having to go back and explain *why* that entry
was placed there.

Now, if Dan wishes to go back and update his entries with more
material, then great, but to *ask* him to do it is unreasonable.
We have much to do, other than appease folks that think the Wiki
needs updating.


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