Addressing cyrus-sasl ldapdb circular build

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at
Tue Apr 25 12:23:03 PDT 2006

Hi guys,

I'm trying to add in text to the cyrus-sasl page to address the ldapdb
circular dependency.  This is how I build it.

Build cyrus-sasl normally as in the book, leaving out --with-ldap
since I don't have it built yet.  Build openldap with --enable-spasswd
to get sasl authentication in ldap.  Unpack cyrus-sasl again, apply
seds and patches, and then build as such:

./configure \
        --sysconfdir=/etc/sasl \
        --with-dbpath=/etc/sasl/sasldb2 \
        --enable-ldapdb \
make -C include
make -C sasldb
make -C plugins
libtool --mode=install install -c plugins/ /usr/lib/sasl2

First two parameters to configure are just personal preference.  The
libtool line is just taken from plugins/Makefile.  The -c could be
dropped since install ignores it.  It fully works for me.  I had a
long session testing out SASL authentication and authorization in LDAP
on Saturday.  Both directly through the ldap client and through the
ldapdb plugin work.

Now, where should I put this info on the cyrus-sasl page?  What of the
above information should be included?  Also, it should be noted that
this only enables the ldapdb plugin.  saslauthd only has LDAP
capabilities if you rebuild the whole package with --with-ldap (maybe
not all, but most of it at least).

Thanks for any insight.


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