HAL/D-BUS - 1 more time

William Zhou armageddonmagic at 163.com
Tue Apr 25 07:47:33 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> William Zhou wrote these words on 04/25/06 09:13 CST:
>> My combination is hal-0.5.4 and dbus-0.50. But with default settings,  they
>> don't do much.
> These are currently what is in the BLFS book now. More recent versions
> don't work the same way. I'm not concerned about the versions in the
> book right now, these seem to work well. And, by the way, I have what
> I think is very close to default settings and it does a lot, so I'm
> not sure what you mean "they don't do much".

By saying "they don't do much" I mean they don't auto mount and umount CDs
when I insert or ejecting them, they lack some useful parameters when 
the fstab entries, and something else that I want it to do like playing 
CDs :-).

William Zhou

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