HAL/D-BUS - 1 more time

William Zhou armageddonmagic at 163.com
Tue Apr 25 07:13:27 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Thanks for your comments to get the ball rolling. However, it is not
> so much what *I* want, it is more about what the folks who build BLFS
> will expect. I must admit that I am confused by your comments. Could
> you provide the versions of HAL and D-BUS you have installed?
> You may also want to explain what a U drive is as well for dummies
> like me.

Oops, sorry for the expression.  A U drive is a USB Drive pen.

My combination is hal-0.5.4 and dbus-0.50. But with default settings,  they
don't do much.


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