HAL/D-BUS - 1 more time

William Zhou armageddonmagic at 163.com
Tue Apr 25 05:36:03 PDT 2006

Randy McMurchy wrote:
> Hi all,
> For example:
> KDE is being run by user A on machine X. However user A is not
> *using* KDE at the moment, instead user A is also logged into
> machine X via SSH on some other machine. When a device is plugged
> into a USB port, or a CD inserted into the drive, of machine X
> (even if this required a phone call to a person who had physical
> access to machine X if User A does not at the moment), it becomes
> available system-wide, without any interaction in the GUI desktop.
> User A can access the device from his remote SSH session. With the
> new HAL/D-BUS setup, can this operation still be done?


I use Ivman to mount CDs and U drive while HAL/dbus manages the fstab
setting. Works fine, but I have to umount the U drive manually; cdrom can
be eject without executing umount. KDE founds the device and mount it
too. But I disabled it as I don't like the function.

Is this what you want?

William Zhou

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